I’m not a fan of the track, but the exploding people effect in the video for Tiesto’s Passion Pit remix is very cool:

exploding humans jumping

The A to Z of Unusual Words. I struggled to limit myself to just this selection, because they’re all fascinating:


Acersecomic: A person whose hair has never been cut.Acersecomic Cacodemonomania: The pathological belief that one is inhabited by an evil spirit.Cacodemonomania Ktenology: The science of putting people to death.KtenologyRecumbentibus: A knockout punch, either verbal or physical.



Haunting statues by Philip Jackson. They’ve got a cool, Dune, fantasy/sci-fi feeling to them that I particularly like:

  Philip Jackson - Trio Philip Jackson - ReaderPhilip Jackson - Bench Philip Jackson - Solo


Life lesson



Stay frosty

Winter wonderlanding from the always incredible Extra Fabulous Comics (previously):

Stay frosty - Extra Fabulous Comics

The fox

Beautiful animated GIFs by Micaël Reynaud, which make use of video techniques like slit-scanning, time-lapse, and various forms of masking to create what he refers to as “hypnotic very short films.”

The pigeon GIF below was a finalist in the first Saatchi Gallery Motion Photography competition, and he recently won the 2014 Giphoscope International Art GIF contest:

Carousel GrandeMotte -Micael ReynaudGaufre Crepe -Micael ReynaudSaatch Pigeon -Micael ReynaudFaces - Micael Reynaud



A nice outdoor campaign for Netflix. But I don’t care what the inclusive Netflix guy says, it’s definitely gif (not jif):



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