Yeah, I can’t foresee any problems with teaching robots to sword fight:

Robots wth Katanas


Road trip!


Design elements

Types of Matter by Japanese 3D artist Mountstar:

Solid - Types of Matter - MountstarLiquid - Types of Matter - Mountstar Gas - Types of Matter - MountstarPlasma - Types of Matter - Mountstar

Pigs in shit

Matt Lindley and Marcus Oakley’s sweet illustrations of international idioms. They’re a lovely snapshot of the external influences on language in different cultures:

Stick idiom Cat idiom Pumpkin idiom Donkey idiom Face idiom Wolf idiom Monkey idiom Demon idiom


Repeat to fade

Clone and loop by AL Crego:

AL Crego - Clone & Loop 6(via)


For the Dar-win


Circular logic

A clever way of illustrating the differing complexity, and rhythms, of two pieces of text (Brown vs Board of Education is the American ruling that struck down segregation in public schools):

Text bubble comparision - Cat in the Hat & Brown vs Board of Education




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