Some great behind-the-scenes images of London-based artist Ron Mueck working to create his giant, super-realistic figures.

He manages to make them so life by crafting primarily out of silicone, polyester resin, fibreglass and synthetic hair:

Ron Mueck - Head Ron Mueck - WorkingRon Mueck - Baby


Good show

Weiden & Kennedy make very clever ads (they’re the ones behind the Old Spice’s resurgence). This one for Maxwell House manages to disguise great writing and clever strategy behind an apparently simple idea:

Light sabre

After the complete oversaturation of Rube Goldberg machines in ads, I would have said I’d been happy with never seeing another one.

However, this one for a Japanese optics company is pretty rad, as it uses light to drive all the intricate machine interactions. This better be the last one though:


Yellow belly

In the words of twitter user Dark Veins, “Korea’s national cigarettes have the single greatest logo I’ve ever seen on anything”

Dark Veins (@marchaynes) - Korean Cigarette Packet


Pret a porter

I can’t find out who the animator behind the video for Hey Porter by Skymas, a Northern Irish electronic rock band, but they’ve got a beautifully fluid understanding of human movement:


Popper fish

Tokyo-based designer Daisuke Akiyama has created fish bowl bubble wrap, to make it a little bit harder for (less sadistic) people to pop. Which is it’s own special type of cruelty:

Daisuke Akiyama - goldfish bubble wrap



London designer Alex Chinneck won loads of points with me (something I’m sure he’s very concerned about) by creating a piece of public art that’s interesting, exciting and attractive. And then he had to go ahead and ruin it by calling it Take My Lightning but Don’t Steal My Thunder (time for the old Artist’s Statement tag).

The illusion in Covent Garden relies on expanded polystyrene construction and a four-tonne counterweight:

Alex Chinneck -Covent Garden (1)Alex Chinneck -Covent Garden (2)(via and via)


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