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At work I regularly have to write to brand guidelines, so it’s fascinating to see how other non-pharma brands have to apply them.

And it’s particularly fantastic when the brand in question is the Sunday Sport (a massively trashy British tabloid).

After some they ran the elegantly understated headline
an angry email by Sunday Sport editor Nick Appleyard was sent round chastising the poor adherence to guidelines – “Bollocks is NOT censored, even in headlines, and who the hell puts a hyphen in bellend?”

If you are wondering, the rules are as follows:

From: Nick Appleyard
Sent: 23 July 2014 13:25
To: All-Departments
Subject: Style Guide

SHIT: Full out in copy and in headlines

FUCK: F**k in copy and in headlines

CUNT: C**t in copy and headlines

WANK: Full out in copy, w**k in headlines

TWAT: Full out in copy, tw*t in headlines

COCK: Full out in copy and in headlines

BOLLOCKS: Full out in copy and in headlines

BELLEND: One word, full out in copy and headlines


Correct Usage

Hit it like that

A great example of how even the way a brand is packaged sends a message: Brand vs Consumer(via)


This is a rather charmingly put-together CV for freelance copywriter
Jon Ryder.

He’s really committed to the theme, describing himself as the “effective relief from creative pain,”  who “treats the signs of over-stretched creative teams” and “is a painkiller and is also effective in preventing client loss”.

It must of been pretty expensive to produce, but seeing as it’s been picked up by the internet, it was probably well worth it:

Jon Ryder CV box Jon Ryder CV insert


Write out front

3D calligraphy by Tolga Girgin:

3D caliigraphy 2 - Tolga Girgin 3D caliigraphy 1 - Tolga Girgin



When I first saw these porcelain kung fu figurines by photographer Martin Klimas I presumed that they were photoshopped.

As it happens, he actually set up the camera shutter to respond to the sound of the shattering, which is really cool:

Martin Klimas - Kung Fu 4 Martin Klimas - Kung Fu 3 Martin Klimas - Kung Fu 2Martin Klimas - Kung Fu 1


Wrath of cod


Fuck these 6 fish in particular


Gassing up

I’ve always been a fan of projection mapping, and always wanted to get the opportunity to use it at work, but it’s usually limited by having to do it in an area that it is easily mapped and has excellent light control (and, cost too, it definitely ain’t cheap).

German creative studio Urbanscreen solved the first two by projecting a 22-minute loop of digital animation onto the inside of an abandoned, 20,000 square meter gas tower with 21 high-powered Epson projectors:

Urbanscreen - licht 3Urbanscreen - licht 5Urbanscreen - licht 2Urbanscreen - licht 4



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