There’s something instantly identifiable as Polish about these film and play posters by Wieslaw Walkuski.

It’s probably because they remind me of the film posters that came out of Poland in the 80s, when they were still under communist control and the bourgeois Western posters were considered inappropriate.

They all share a David Lynch/David Cronenberg body horror vibe combined with an 80s psychedelic tone. I like them a lot:

Wieslaw Walkuski - Un Chien AndalouWieslaw Walkuski - Danton Wieslaw Walkuski -  Ostanie Dni LudzkosciSONY DSC Wieslaw Walkuski - Tylko Ta Pchla (via)


An extract from Michael Kupperman’s super weird Snake ‘N’ Bacon’s Cartoon Cabaret. I’m not sure why in the hell I like this, but it makes me giggle:

Sanke and Bacon


I’m always a sucker for clever editing (and Wu-Tang) and this video by is an insane example of what you can do with a bit of patience. 
Jukka-Pekka Bohm has managed to recreate Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta Fuck Wit entirely from film and TV clips.

It seems like tracking down clips for every tiny segment would require an encyclopaedic knowledge of films, but Jukka actually used Subzin, which is a search engine for film quotations, and an essential tool for any editor:


Bonus relevant tweet from Luke (@internetluke):

(via and via)

Arctic light

This picture works off a similar principle to Jonty Hurwitz’s anamorphic sculptures. But where his sculptures look warped and unintelligible until you see them reflected in the cylinder, this drawing manages to combine an arctic scene and a portrait of Jules Verne, and all
drawn by hand:

Anamorphic Jules Verne


Hot Down

Summer Weeekend by Jungyoun Kim:

Summer Weeekend - Jungyoun Kim

Insert to continue

Some charming, arcade-referencing ads for Tic Tacs by the Miami Ad School/ESPM in Sao Paulo:

Tic Tac - Pac ManTic Tac - Snake Tic Tac - Arkanoid


Tick tick boom

Everything is better with explosions:

Qwjj0hu xTvpNq0 a9mofUJ 4yW1tq4



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