London designer Alex Chinneck won loads of points with me (something I’m sure he’s very concerned about) by creating a piece of public art that’s interesting, exciting and attractive. And then he had to go ahead and ruin it by calling it Take My Lightning but Don’t Steal My Thunder (time for the old Artist’s Statement tag).

The illusion in Covent Garden relies on expanded polystyrene construction and a four-tonne counterweight:

Alex Chinneck -Covent Garden (1)Alex Chinneck -Covent Garden (2)(via and via)

Dog gone

KLM has dropped a serious cute bomb with their new lost and found service that uses a sniffer dog to return your items:


Collage illustration by Anthony Zinonos:

Beach - Anthony Zinonos Desk - Anthony ZinonosRed Square - Anthony ZinonosRay - Anthony Zinonos


Hop to it

Pharma companies are not generally known for their risk-taking, unconventional approaches. So this general weirdness of this recruitment animation for Merck makes it all the better:


Beautiful Chemistry is a new collaboration between Tsinghua University Press and University of Science and Technology of China that seeks to make chemistry more accessible and interesting to the general public.

The reactions were filmed with a 4k ultrahd camera and look incredible:

CoCl2 in Na2SiO3 NaOHZn + Pb(NO3)


Dot dot cash

The new Norweigan Krone, designed by Enzo Finger, has pixelated versions of the front image on the back. Very cool:

Norweigan currency - 50 (front) Norweigan currency - 50 (back) Norweigan currency - 200 (front) Norweigan currency - 200 (back)Norweigan currency - 500 (front)Norweigan currency - 500 (back)Norweigan currency - 1000 (front)Norweigan currency - 1000 (back)


Home sweet homer

Continuing this week’s slightly unexpected Simpsons theme, this is
The Ballad of Dark Homer by K.C. Green of Gunshow comic.

I’m not sure what my favourite part of these comics are – the warped catchphrases, the art style, or the utterly brutal pathos:

KC Green - The Ballad of Dark Homer (1)KC Green - The Ballad of Dark Homer (2)KC Green - The Ballad of Dark Homer (3)KC Green - The Ballad of Dark Homer (4)KC Green - The Ballad of Dark Homer (5)



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