The eyes have it

This optician’s ad has a wonderfully off-kilter Wes Anderson vibe and a brow-raising array of eye puns:


Fuzzy Road

Russian pixel artist Evgeniy Yudin and animator Misha Petrick have created 8-bit animated versions of some of the iconic vehicles seen in George Miller‘s film Mad Max: Fury Road:

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Get down tonight

As I’ve mentioned multiple times before, I’m a sucker for good editing. This video, cut together from 100 films’ dance scenes, is a stunning example of both the outrageous amounts of work that goes into an edit like this and also why it’s all worthwhile. Cracking:


As pointed out by one of the Youtube commenters, there is one glaring omission; Oscar Isaac and Sonoya Mizuno’s disco masterclass from Ex Machina (which is also a great film):


Socket to them

British plugs are great; three prongs that securely attach to the wall and are coated in insulation, making it near impossible to shock yourself, and a built-in fuse. But these safety features also mean that they’re very bulky.

At this year’s Royal College of Art’s graduate show has opened, and this year, the show-stopper was a Min-Kyu Choi’s neat, (and apparently market-ready), plug that folds down to the width of an MacBook Air:

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The design also allowed him to reinvent the extension socket, powering three devices in the space normally required
for one plug:

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This is a brilliant piece of thinking that reinvents something we have taken for granted since it was first designed in 1947, (though it does seem to have sacrificed the integrated fuse in the effort to reduce the size).


Lifting the curtain

For his ongoing series The Fourth Wall, Hamburg-based photographer Klaus Frahm takes us behind-the-scenes of several European theatres, by reversing the perspective and shooting from backstage out toward the audience.

If you think about the logistical work that goes in to putting on a large performance, it shouldn’t be surprising that the backstage is such a large area, but even so it’s amazing to see the theatres where backstage is as big, if not bigger, than the auditorium:

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Alternating current

As part of the London Design Festival (like the Covent Garden Market balloons), Alex Chinneck (previous of the floating Covent Garden illusion) has created ‘A Bullet From a Shooting Star’ in Greenwich on the site of what used to be the largest gas and oil works in Europe:

image-2 imageimage-1


With every heartbeat



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