Put your face on

Real-time facial projection mapping:


[vimeo www.vimeo.com/103425574]

One of my favourite games of the last couple of years was the open-world, monster-genocide simulator The Witcher 3, so when I found out that the studio’s next game was called Cyberpunk 2077 I was happy as vurt boy in the dreamscape.

Obviously, it’ll look nothing like this trailer, but I can’t wait:

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30 floors of mayhem

The Raid by Josan Gonzalez (previously) and Laurie Greasley is a massive poster that packs in sci-fi influences from across the spectrum in one gloriously bloody scene. It was produced for theSci-Scapes, an art show at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, running until 4th Dec.

I love it…


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Gort damn

Wouter Gort is a Dutch concept designer. His Neo-Amsterdam designs feature realistic sci-fi designs for lawlessness and ultra-violence in a cyberpunk future (basically a mash-up of all my favourite things).

Featured below are the robot rudeboys who are the actual cyber punks of the Venice of The North, and the weaponry the police use to ‘subdue’ them:


wouter-gort-6-colour-ighting-11-final-small tumblr_o9yn5fwywf1sxm4gzo4_1280 wouter-gort-revolver-3-fill-in


Meat puppets

VacuumPacked is rapidly turning into a cyberpunk industrial design blog. I’d apologise, but, y’know, eyeball targeting.

So instead, here’s a week of cyberpunk to get it out of my system (for a bit, anyway).

Prepare yourself meat puppets…



The skin we’re in

I love the grace and naturalness in these brushstroke nudes by Monico Chavez:

tumblr_oew9epeesd1qz6f9yo3_500 tumblr_oew9epeesd1qz6f9yo7_500 tumblr_oew9epeesd1qz6f9yo4_r1_500 tumblr_oew9epeesd1qz6f9yo1_500 tumblr_oew9epeesd1qz6f9yo10_500 tumblr_oew9epeesd1qz6f9yo2_500 tumblr_oew9epeesd1qz6f9yo5_500


Melancholy excerpts from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows:

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