One inch funk

Kung Fury is a totally sweet-looking 80’s-style martial arts film, with the very staid plot of a renegade cop going back in time to kill Hitler, the “Kung Fuhrer.” 

They’ve cleverly given their (now successful) Kickstarter project a massive marketing boost by getting The Hoff to sing Kung Fury‘s theme song “True Survivor”, then packing the video with some incredible street gang skateboarding, machine gun-wielding, dinosaur-riding, Norse god-ing action from the film itself. Righteous:





Laura Facci, a student at the Design Institute of Caracas created this cool anatomical alphabet:

Laura Facci - Human Body Alphabet


Flutter by

London-based artist Zack Mclaughlin creates these sweetly
life-like birds from wood and cut paper leaves:



We can rebuild him

Biomechanical oil paintings by Atsushi Koyama:

atsushi-2 atsushi-7atsushi-1(via)


Low fi cutie pie

Fuzzy, weird, great gifs from illustrator and animator Julian Glander:

JG-Reading-Web-Content_int JG-Street-Demon_intJG-Green-Screen_int(via)


Pop goes the wall

I’m a little late to the party on this one, but the 9th November 2014 was the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall.

To celebrate the fall and commemorate those lost in its crossing, an exhibition called LIGHT LIMIT set 8000 glowing balloons along the former course of the wall.

Showing the wall coming down by releasing the balloons and having them float away (along with a personal message attached to each balloon) seems a sweetly symbolic way to celebrate the end of a divided country:

history-berlin-fall-of-the-wall-citizens-celebration_a_013166237043_ced85a5267_z13166268803_6d42a0ce86_z 25 Jahre Mauerfall - Lichtergrenze



Embroidered photography by Mana Morimoto:

Embroidered Paintings - Mana Morimoto (frida) Embroidered Paintings - Mana Morimoto (brooklyn) Embroidered Paintings - Mana Morimoto (newton)(via)



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