That’ll sort you out:

One Night Cough Syrup

Dino soar

Super Dino Boys is the greatest side-scrolling shooter that you’ll never play. Animated by Paul Robinson for Adult Swim (who consistently fund amazing stuff), this fake game is packed with character:


Very cool gravitational experiments from Clemens Wirth, made inside a special rig that can be rotated 360°:

gravity-1 14296294617P5AQbf1429629461header 14296294639tgLPwr




Dimple is a rather cool idea. It’s modular extra buttons for your Android phone. You stick the extra buttons on (hopefully in less of a haphazard manner than in the picture below) then set what you want them to do on the phone.()

You can essentially create a quick-launch button for any of your favourite apps. And it doesn’t need batteries because it works via the same Near Field Communication chips that are in your contactless credit card:



Rock ‘n’ roller

Lots of photographers enjoy the combine objects in whimsical ways, but what separates Martin Roller‘s take on this technique is his highly polished level of finish.

All of these images are created for real, built by hand without any digital manipulation:

Roller10 Roller11Roller6


Food cube

Cubes 1 Cubes 2Cubes 3Cubes 4


Pinch of nutmeg


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