Light on her feet

Lovely graphic animation by Esteban Diácono:


Dilettante Dillinger


Ilona Gaynor spent two years planning a highly organised heist of five major banks in the downtown Los Angeles.

Designated Under Black Carpets, the heist was actually an art project by Ilona, a London-based artist and was due to be exhibited in an abandoned Portuguese bank. The original plan was to show how the heist would take place, based on two years of research and training with the LAPD.

Unfortunately, the funding for the exhibition was cut at short notice, leaving her to seek support to finish the project on Kickstarter, which didn’t succeed, leaving the project described as Currently ongoing on her website.

I love the fun, high concept idea, and it’s a pity it never made it to actual production:

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A double-sided statue of Mephistopheles and Margaretta from the Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad, India:

Head games

Jewelled skull by Garth Knight:



Happy go lucky

Loopy sun by James Curran:


Stand tall

In festivals across Catalonia, Spain, there is Catalan tradition of building human towers called Castells that reach up to ten stories. They are incredible feats of strength, balance and teamwork:

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Brutal legend

Under Tito’s rule (I think), Yugoslavia got seriously into concrete brutalist architecture. There’s some stark, sci-fi beauty going on there:

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