Purple prose

Vinnoth Krishnan was 13 when he was diagnosed as red-green colourblind. Then just months later a friend spilled iodine in Krishnan’s eyes in science class, which cost him 20/20 vision, and the ability to differentiate colours on the cooler end of the spectrum.

Krishnan relies on his maths degree to guide him when he’s editing in Lightroom; figuring out the colour positions by gradients as much as by eye.

The palette, and the use of street and car lighting, give the photography a dreamy, painterly feel:


Guts for garters

Anatomical graffiti by Australian artist Nychos (previously):



Digesting the news

Fed Tomaselli‘s photo collages using front covers from the
New York Times:


Build ’em up

Architectural sketches are fascinating – outdated in an age of digital design and artistic in an incredibly technical profession.

Architecture student Adelina Gareeva drafts her work by hand, creating extremely detailed architectural portraits by putting pencil to paper rather than stylus to tablet:

adelinagareeva_01 adelinagareeva_03 adelinagareeva_11 adelinagareeva_10


The Gates of Hell is a monumental sculptural group work by Auguste Rodin that depicts a scene from “The Inferno”, the first section of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Subsequent bronzes have been distributed by the Musée Rodin to a number of locations, including this one at the Kunsthaus gallery in Zürich (I think)…


Flip reverse it

A fantastic reverse-motion music video for the the song Kolshik by the Russian band Leningrad. It’s directed by Ilya Naishuller, who is most famous for having directed the entirely first-person film Hardcore Henry.

Even beyond the incredible technique, there’s so much to love here – clever shots, brilliant storytelling, and even better casting:

And if you want catch any details you missed, here’s the whole thing forwards:


Crystal skull