Down in the dirt

Elena Gumeniuk is a Ukrainian illustrator who grew up listening to grime. After moving to London and attending Camberwell College of Arts, she turned her illustration to capturing the vibe and style of the estates that birthed the music:

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Back in the house

Sorry about the lack of posting recently, work’s got in the way of my important blogging time.

I stumbled across this Adidas ad recently and it reminded me how damn good the writing was in that campaign. Impossible is Nothing is obviously amazing, but it’s easy to forget how difficult it is to write body copy that fist-pumping without it coming off as cheesy. Top work:


More (here and here) lovely, negative space work from Noma Bar:

Negative sapce - Noma Bar (Shoes)

Hi name was legend

Pie Comic (previously here and here and here) is still the absolute best:



Lil’ ink

Benjamin Lloyd is a Kiwi tattoo artist who gives hospitalised children fake body ink on using non-toxic ink stencils.

He recently tatted-up all the newly admissions at Auckland’s Starship Children Hospital. It’s a fantastic act of charity and you can see from the smiles how much it means to the kids:

benjamin-lloyd-805x1073 benjamin-lloyd-2-805x1164 good-guy-gives-sick-kids-temporary-tattoos-to-make-them-smile-805x426


Apple to Ziti

Food gradients by photographer Brittany Wright:

Thai-Chili-Gradient--wrightkitchen Citrus+Gradient+--+wrightkitchen.com Brittany+Wright+Food+Gradients2 Brittany+Wright+Food+Gradients13 Dry+Soda+Brittany+Wright+-+wrightkitchen.com

London-based illustrator Yoyo the Ricecorpse creates these Hayao Miyazaki-style by combining original photography of her trip to Tokyo with hand-drawn illustrations in Photoshop:

yoyo-1 yoyo-3 yoyo-4 yoyo-6 yoyo-5