Marvin Graze

VaccuumPacked is off to lie in the sun and not think about work.

Here’s something to keep you fresh and cool in my absence:

I’m always a sucker for a good Arnie impression, but this is something special:

Birds in a wire

For the Italian festival Meeting del Mare in Marina Do Camerota, art collective Incipit created this gorgeous wire mesh sculpture.

It was all built by hand and you can see the process in the video). The geometric structure itself is great, but I particular love how they’ve interweaved the birds:



This is a fantastic use of Chatroulette I’ve seen yet. People rouletting on to this channel became the controllers of a real-life first person shooter.

It’s amazing how quickly people got right into it, and the genuine tension you feel watching it. And the production values are great for a presumably minuscule budget:



Cruise control

A surprisingly beautiful aerial view of a selection of cruise ships:




There’s been quite a few of these ‘people turning Super Saiyan’ gifs before, but the animation on this one is stellar:


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