Sleeping city

I love Franck Bohbot‘s pastel, slightly dreamy palette in these late-night photos of New York:

New York (Skate) - Franck BohbotNew York (Papaya) - Franck Bohbot New York (Playwright) - Franck BohbotNew York (Italian) - Franck Bohbot


Hill street blues

Beautiful, slightly melancholy, animations by Eran Hill:

Clouds - Eran Hilleli Hand - Eran Hilleli Smoking - Eran Hilleli Backpack - Eran Hilleli


Heavy water

Photographer Fabian Oefner created the album artwork for Guster by Evermotion using ferrofluids. It’s very cool, but it’s a bit of a pity that the technique is more interesting than the end result:

Guster - Evermotion

Ferrofluid liquid

Obviously, I knew all about ferrofluids before I made this post/looked up the wiki just now, but for those not in the know, ferrofluids are liquids that become strongly magnetised in the presence of a magnetic field. Basically they’re liquids that will clump together in strange ways near magnets, leading to lots of weird effects:

Ferrofluid & Magnet under glass



Swirling, psychedelic self-portraits by Nikos Gyftakis:

tumblr_nem5krsZWR1qlq9poo6_r1_1280 tumblr_nem5krsZWR1qlq9poo4_r1_1280 tumblr_nem5krsZWR1qlq9poo2_r1_1280 tumblr_nem5krsZWR1qlq9poo5_r1_1280


Budget blockbusters

Blockbuster movies recreated with stock footage. To be honest, the idea is a better than than the actual execution:

Let it go


Forget falling back into your colleagues’ arms blindfolded, this is a real team-building trust exercise:




Dustin Yellin works with glass slides to create layered 3D images. His latest commission is for the New York City Ballet, to install a new series of sculptures resembling dancers striking various poses.

Each sculpture is individually created from found objects—cut-up books, magazines and rubbish —which are then sealed within layers of glass.

The artist refers to the sculptures as Psychogeographies because “they feel like maps of the psyche”, which is wanky. It would still be wanky, but at least somewhat justified, if he was using objects from one person’s life for each statue, but he appears to be just using random rubbish.

Wankery aside, the craftmanship is great, and they remind me of Makoto Azuma’s frozen flowers:

Psychogeography-54-2014-72-x-27-x-15-in-Dustin-Yellin23e4a24e0dc112576b2456d9946555ee584f0277_660yellin-gif (via)


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