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Skate or die

Great skate photography by Rocky Norton for Skate Magazine’s Fresh Crops section:


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Dirt Posters is a… um… well it’s a poster, obviously… by Roland Reiner Tiangco. The back side of each poster is covered with a layer of ink, which you need to “paint” onto the front to reveal the message that has been spot-varnished onto the paper.

Great example of idea and execution working perfectly together:


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Work at Notting Hill Gate tube station has recently uncovered an old lift passageway that had been boarded off for 50 years. Along the walls were a series of advertising posters dating from 1956 – 59.

With a couple of exceptions they’re all illustrated in a very similar Saul Bass-esque style that’s really reminiscent of the era. Great insight into how it used to be done:
The rest of the set is here with the photos courtesy of TFL.

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As it says in the blurb to the right, I started posting things here to store potentially relevant links. To keep a record of bits and pieces I’d seen and liked, which might possibly be of use for work in the future. That’s why Illustration and Photography are the dominant tags in the cloud.

Brandon Bird is not on here for that reason. He is here because he is awesome. A man who titles one of his paintings with the headline of this post is a man I want to know. Prepare for pop-culture insanity:

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Rainbow In Your Hand flip book is a 36-page book with an image of the color spectrum against a black background on each page, creating the illusion of an arced rainbow hovering above the pages as the pages flip by.

Great mailer idea. Wonder how far you could take the idea of drawing pictures across the arc…


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Projection mapping – projecting images onto a 3D surface – is really starting to take off. So far it’s mostly been about playing with the exterior of buildings, but you can already see its potential for changing the cityscape at night.

From a more pharma point of view, this technology has could result in some really mind-blowing exhibition stands. Anyway, here’s a quick selection of some of the best, small and large…

The geometric facade of the Galerie der Gegenwart in Humburg is co-opted, to stunning effect. The most seamless I’ve seen so far:

It’s not all about buildings. French creative agency Superbien use multiple LED projectors to map a series of animations onto a stack of white boxes. Smaller scale and great exhibition/launch meeting potential. Only downside is the slightly clunky, tagged-on endline:

AC/DC tear down Rochester Castle with the power of Rawk:
And BMW bring Joy to the people of Singapore:

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A clever little app that lets you get your mates iPhone pregnant, with the resultant baby requiring constant feeding, attention and cuddling. The app can only be removed with the QR code on the back of Durex packs which gives you a virtual condom to pull over your phone:
Not sure about the potential annoyance of ‘infecting’ unsuspecting phones with unsolicited apps, but it does a great job of building on the insight that men fear pregnancy more than STDs.

It also manages to make an app that continuously delivers the message, yet still manages to be appealing (well, for the mate that knocks up your phone). Very different to the usual game-with-tagline-on-the-end route.

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