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Epic Win

Level up your life with Epic Win. Epic Win is an iPhone to-do list app that makes getting your life sorted fun by turning it into an RPG. Chores become quests and and completing tasks is rewarded with experience points, loot, and leveling up.

And it even looks great:

Awesome idea and great execution, so I obviously started thinking about how I could steal it…

Adherence is one of the major challenges of modern prescription, particularly in conditions that require long-term medication as a preventative measure, and even more so in kids. To me, this is screaming out to be tweaked to reward kids (and adults) for continuing to stick to their treatment. Turn the chore of adherence into fun.

In fact, you wouldn’t even have to reprogram the app in any way. Add your/your child’s pill schedule into the to-do list and tick it off as each dose is taken. Positive reinforcement in the form of a bad-ass battle-axe.


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HalfHead (acrylic on canvas) by Victor Rodriguez:


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How do float your logo into the sky over and over? Print it in bubbles and set it free:

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Touch typing

Real life fonts by Miguel Rodrigez:

I’d like to see a version of the tennis font that played with the shadows, so the legible, right-way-round version was the one cast on the ground…

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Padded out

I’m not quite sure what to make of this. On the one hand, it’s beautifully styled and stays true to what I remember of the non-Disney version of Alice. On the other hand though, it all seems a bit superficial:

Maybe I’m being cynical, but adding pop-up elements just feels like the publisher doing the bare minimum to ‘digitise’ a book and create a reason to own the iPad version as well as the book itself. Dropping in some simple animation doesn’t add anything to the story.

I’m not saying that books on the iPad should be distractingly interactive, but the fanfare it’s been presented with – one video describes it as the ‘evolution of books’ – makes me suspicious. If you are looking to add more to people’s reading experience, devices like the iPad offer a genuine opportunity to tell stories differently, with new connections to the real world (through the touch screen or internet links).

…Aw yeah, it’s a segue muthafuckas…

To promote their re-release of six classic novels, Penguin UK commissioned six authors to each write a story that could only have been told with the advent of the internet. As a demonstration of the potential of digital storytelling, they all show imagination and innovation. The first story, The 21 Steps, is the most obviously relevant (and adaptable) to what we do:

By using the tags on Googlemaps to unveil the narrative, the author leads you through the same locations as the hero, adding a whole new level of immersion to the story. Though he missed a trick by not using Google Streetview, as he could have taken the story right down to ground level.

Just goes to show that there’s no reason why we can’t make use of all the media, software and websites we use day-in, day-out to sell our brand’s stories (or to write our own slightly shoddy fiction).

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978 zombie movies, books and games references


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