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Of the Clan McGee

This is what happens when you let primary school kids name zoo animals:



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Swatpatz is an insane Scotman who creates awesome animations.

One of the things you’re apparently meant to do if you’re trying to be an author is to develop your own own unique voice. I think that applies doubly to animators. His stuff is hilarious and charming, and when I first saw one of his videos I ended up spending the entire afternoon going through his back-catalogue and giggling to myself like a weirdo…

Which in my book is as high a commendation as you’ll ever get:

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Push pin

As part of Clerkenwell Design Week, the designer Lulu Guinness created this enormous pin-screen… and the great British public obviously had one thing on their minds:

tumblr_moxzenT5Ib1rztq8po4_1280 tumblr_moxzenT5Ib1rztq8po3_1280 tumblr_moxzenT5Ib1rztq8po7_1280 (via)

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Full moones

This is a rather clever use of Youtube annotations by the band Moones that allows you to skip between various states of band drunkenness, while the track still plays seamlessly:

(Annoyingly, the Youtube banner keeps dropping down when you go to click the beer numbers along the top, so you might have to click through and watch it on Youtube to experience it properly.)

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Brilliant poster advertising for Black Sabbath’s return:

Black Sabbath Poster(via)

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Say Wyatt?

I love Jake Wyatt’s 70s-inspired style. He’s on a bit of a Marvel kick at the moment, hence all the superheroes:

Jake Wyatt - Cyclops Jake Wyatt - Dr Strange tumblr_mka9scz4fN1qee52wo2_1280Jake Wyatt - Necropolis 1Jake Wyatt -  Necropolis 2 Jake Wyatt -  Tattooed Man Jake Wyatt - 70s Jake Wyatt - GraveJake Wyatt - Doom

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So self-centred

Even after we realised the Earth rotated round the Sun, we’re still all about how everything revolves around us. It’s just that now it’s our solar system that is the centre of the universe.

So it’s crazy to see it in this more realistic way. The sun racing through space and all the planets spinning and spiralling as they’re dragged along behind:


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