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Block it out

Shades of Change by Marin Dearie:

Changing colour - Marin Dearie - Shades of change (Tea) Marin Dearie - Shades of change (Octopus)Changing colour - Marin Dearie - Shades of change (Lungs)



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Celestial bodies

A comic about planetary motion by Kate Beaton:

Kate Beaton - Kepler


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Someone invented a Facebook app that lets you and a buddy play Fuck, Marry, Kill with your mutual friends. Always good to know…

Fuck Marry Kill

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To highlight how low the bar has dropped for American cable TV, PBS (the US equivalent of the BBC) made these ads for fake reality TV shows. The lightness of touch here is brilliant, they nail that fine line between believably-terrible programme and tongue-in-cheek humour, and the taglines are perfect:

Thirteen -Reality - Bad Bad Bag Boys Thirteen -Reality - Knitting Wars Thirteen -Reality - Married to a Mime Thirteen -Reality - Bayou Eskimos

(via and via)

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Fast food

Animated gifs by Robin Davey. He’s got a really cool, geometric illustration style: 

Robin Davey - Burger

Robin Davey - Watermelon Robin Davey - Lollipop


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Fill the gaps

Sexy use of negative space in this  Karma Sutra cover by
Malika Favre:

Karma Sutra - Malika Favre(via and via my bro)

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Lumigrids is an LED projector for bicycles, which aims to improve safety during night riding. It projects square grids onto the ground, which lets riders see changes in the road ahead.

The Tron visuals and simple ingenuity of this are amazing, but it does seem like it will encourage you to focus only on the road directly in front of you, and not on what’s approaching, which could be dangerous.

Still, looks cool as hell:

Lumigrid ahead Lumigrid handlbarsLumigrid obstacle


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