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With a murmur

Dennis Hlynsky uses amazing digital editing techniques to selectively stacks frames of flying bird flocks together to visually convey the long trails of motion. An stunning way of displaying an everyday sight:

Starlings Time Lapse - Dennis Hlynsky


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An absolutely fantastic Swiss poster ad for Amnesty International that brings distant tragedies home:

Amnesty - Starving Child Amnesty - Wounded Child Amnesty - Murder Amnesty - Child Solider(via)

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I’m on a set

In case you were wondering, this is how they film the Old Spice ads. I love the fact that they do the vast majority of it in camera:

Old Spice Ad

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I haven’t worked myself up into a pointless fury about an art’s ridiculous bullshit for a while now, and superficially Cambodian artist Anida Yoeu Ali‘s Buddhist Bug Project should get right on my tits.

The reason she wears her very hungry caterpillar outfit is supposedly reflective of her internal cultural turmoil as she is torn between her Buddhist and Islamic heritages – the orange colour is derived from the robes of Buddhist monks while the headpiece is inspired by the Muslim head covering, the hijab.

It’s obviously a ridiculous way of making any kind of statement. But…but… her costume is amazing. I don’t care what stupid thing she’s trying to say with it, I can’t help but smile when I see her dressed like giant, orange air duct.

Feel a bit sorry for the assistant whose job it is to be the feet though:

Buddhist Bug Project - Anida Yoeu Ali (Cafe) Buddhist Bug Project - Anida Yoeu Ali (Stairs) Buddhist Bug Project - Anida Yoeu Ali (Boats)Buddhist Bug Project - Anida Yoeu Ali (Bike)(via)

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Straight and narrow

My Granny was a guide at Tate Britian when I was growing up, and one of my earliest memories of art appreciation was her pointing out the strength and motion of the diagonal lines in John Singleton Copley’s The Death of Major Peirson:

John Singleton Copley - The Death of Major Peirson

 So this simple, geometric breakdown of Napoleon crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David is great:

Napolean Dimensions(via)

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Cyclique was an aerial light and sound installation created by audiovisual artist Nohista.

What aerial light and sound installation means in practice is a graphic equaliser made of 256 suspended, LED-lit balloons. The sway and movement of the balloons in the wind adds a cool, random twist:

Cyclique - LED balloons

[vimeo www.vimeo.com/78162833]


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