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Sound it out

As a brief respite from robots and guns… The Foley Artist is a sweet, funny film about a master sound designer soundtracking a fashion film about a woman’s life, and the increasingly obscure methods with which he captures the sounds:



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More war robots, this time from a different WETA Works employee, Ben Mauro. They may still seem sci-fi, but seeing as Boston Dynamics is being contracted to produce their
Big Dog robot (Ben’s militarised version is the third image down) for the U.S. military, it’s a future that’s no that far off…

GOR_render_02b_o Demo_CHIMP_04_1600_cBD_LS3_BM_o BD_LS6_BM_oRobot_keyshot_finalrender5s_BM_o

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Fly by wire

The final Christian Pearce post of this week features his designs for chunky, alternative universe, WWII fighter-bombers:

BattleSandwichPearce_1200 P Dirty Eight Pearce_1200RatBirdPearce_1200

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Ghidoragh is a New Zealand chip-tune band who just put out their first EP, called Threat Level Ultra. But rather than releasing it on vinyl or CD they’re selling it on… 3.5 inch floppy disk (and digital download, but that’s less weird/trendy).

The design and packaging were a fun side project for the WETA Works guys (including our friend Christian Pearce), and has a rad 90s computer game cover vibe…

18twjwomy7k3kjpg 18twjxs3oe35yjpg


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After yesterday’s post on Christian Pearce‘s work on District 9, here’s a small sample of his Elysium designs.

He was obviously involved up to a later stage in the concepting, as the thought that’s gone into the designs and the finish on them is great.

One of the things I love about Neill Blomkamp’s first two films is how natural the futuristic technology feels. Like the Alien films, it isn’t all glowing ports and polished white surfaces, it’s practical, industrial and as a result it’s incredibly real-feeling.

And it turns out that the way you make something feel real is to pretty much design it for real. The image showing the construction of a robot chassis is fantastically detailed, and I adore the instruction manual approach to the rocket launcher:

Elysium_Droid2_PEARCE_1200Elysium_Droid3_PEARCE_1200Elysium_Droid1_PEARCE_1200 Elysium_Kruger_RPG2_PEARCE_1200 Elysium_Kruger_RPG1_PEARCE_1200Elysium_SMG2_PEARCE_1200EL_MiscGuns_PEARCE_1200Elysium_Droid12b_PEARCE_1200

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Slightly unintentionally, this week is going to be all about Kiwi special effects house WETA Workshop, who’ve worked on Peter Jackson’s Lord of Rings and Hobbit films, Mad Max: Fury Road, Avatar and (most relevantly for this post), all of Neill Blomkamp’s films.

Christian Pearce is one of the WETA artists who worked on District 9 and Elysium, and because of that he’s getting two posts. One for weird aliens and their technology and one for ROBOTS (and guns).

It’s interesting to see how designs evolve from concept to screen. The weapons and tools kept the convoluted, intricate, functional look of industrial physics experiments, but the aliens (prawns) lost some of the homeless Granny vibe they have here…

D9MoongunXCP_1200District9Aliums2Pearce_1_1200District9AliumsPearce_1200 District9BitsPearce_1200

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