Endless depths by Visothkakvei




German is a wonderfully direct language…


The upside down

Floating World, Ray Bartkus’s mural designed to been seen in the reflection of the river…


Jim Curran‘s daily gifs from his trip to Tokyo:


Hot box

Great Nike exhibition stand for the Air Max experience at Design Shanghai:


Boom bap

War Rocket 6 by d3a:


Ham burglars

MegaComputeur is an animation collective made up of six students; Camille Jalabert, Léo Brunel, Quentin Camus, Corentin Yvergniaux, Maryka Laudet and Oscar Malet, who all met during an Paris-based Wizz Design.

Deuspi, a tale of two hapless robbers and their attempts at stealing from a convenience store, was based on a surveillance video the team saw on the internet

The big lips, voiceless slapstick action and animation style all remind me of Aardman. Which is definitely no bad thing: