Head space

Australian hyperrealist sculptor Ron Mueck‘s contribution to The National Gallery of Victoria Triennial is an installation of 100 individual human skulls piled up throughout the gallery:




Like beers in rain

Murphy’s Irish Stout is one of the last brands I would expect to run a samurai cyberpunk ad. But it was 1997, a creative had just watched Ghost In The Shell, and the marketing director wanted in on anime. Very cool…


Castles under seige

ISLAND by Ian Strange, is an interesting photographic project featuring houses tagged with enormous, desperate slogans.

But it wouldn’t be (the sparsely updated, sorry) VaccuumPacked if something interesting wasn’t immediately undermined by artist’s statement wankery. Presented without (any further) comment…

ISLAND reflects on the home through the metaphor of the desert island, a place of personal sovereignty but simultaneously entrapment. ISLAND interplays the monumental with the intimate and intangible. Exploring the icon of the home as a deeply vulnerable object and personal vessel for memory, identity and aspiration.



Lazy eye



Negative space

Jonathan Burton’s clever and richly illustrated poster from Mondo’s Universal Monster’s exhibition…



It’s great gas

More nice work from Blu:


Men are from Mars