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An ecosystem of artificial biology. Created by designer ‘Istvan’ of Chaotic Atmosphere, (either a collective of digital artists, or just one guy, it’s not entirely clear), these geometric insects are a creation of fictional biology, code, and digital illustration. They were made in Cinema 4D using random values within certain parameters designed by Istvan.

I love these. The idea of organic, algorithmic creature design is really cool, particularly with insects:




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Block it out

Shades of Change by Marin Dearie:

Changing colour - Marin Dearie - Shades of change (Tea) Marin Dearie - Shades of change (Octopus)Changing colour - Marin Dearie - Shades of change (Lungs)


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McDonald’s Australia have launched an app to let you track where your food you has come from.

It’s sweetly done and one of the first examples of a major brand opening up their supply chain for scrutiny, which is impressive.

Though, as well as the obvious PR benefits, it may not be as altruistic as it seems. Using the app gives McDonald’s GPS data, the time and date, and the details of the meal you ordered. That could be some useful data on the consumption habits of Maccas Customers:

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Mighty morphin’

Jonty Hurwitz is a man of contradictions; as well as being an artist, he’s also a red-in-tooth capitalist who co-founded Wonga, the high-tech, micro-loan company that charges an eye-watering 4,214% APR interest.

Money aside, it’s his sculpture I’m interested in. Jonty specialises in anamorphosis – an artistic style that features distorted projection or perspective that requires the viewer to use special devices or to occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image.

His variation on this theme begins with a scan of the subject, which is carefully distorted with powerful algorithms and sheer processing power, then delicately fabricated.

The technique of using a mirrored cylinder to reveal an undistorted image has a long history in painting, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it in sculpture. And given the complexity required to render the distorted version in 3D space, I’m not surprised…

Anyway, financial parasite or not, the man knows how to make an impressive piece of art:

Jonty Hurwitz - Hand and Brush Jonty Hurwitz - Frog Jonty Hurwitz - Hand on Beach(via)

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An infographic about infographics? WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER!

(via my good friend Dan)

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