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Adam Scott continues to be hilarious on Twitter:

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Adam Scott is a very funny man:

tumblr_nsxq9tqxgn1rgos3ko1_500 tumblr_nsxq9tqxgn1rgos3ko2_500

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Architecture for fictional characters by Federico Babina:

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As a follow-on from the post on the designs on Iron Man’s User Interface (UI), here’s some spaceship UI from Rogue One and The Force Awakens.

Nice contrast between the industrial, cobbled-together look of the Rebel ships and the sleek, sophistication of the Empire’s console:

1 2 tumblr_o19pw7rxbv1s12c3do1_540

(via and via)

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The Raid by Josan Gonzalez (previously) and Laurie Greasley is a massive poster that packs in sci-fi influences from across the spectrum in one gloriously bloody scene. It was produced for theSci-Scapes, an art show at the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles, running until 4th Dec.

I love it…


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Jesse Riggles‘s pop culture spacesuit portraits for the Postcard Correspondence art show at Gallery1988:

tumblr_og7dnikrhi1uwe8gdo2_1280 tumblr_og7dnikrhi1uwe8gdo1_1280 tumblr_og7dnikrhi1uwe8gdo3_1280

Alien, 2001 and Event Horizon

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Pie Comic (previously here and here and here) is still the absolute best:



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