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Wright here, Wright now

Edgar Wright is a fantastic director. Starting with Spaced, through Sean of the Dead and especially Scott Pilgrim vs the World (I don’t think Hot Fuzz or The World’s End are as good, though many disagree), he’s got a brilliant visual style that few other directors working today can touch.

Hot Fuzz

Other directors have distinctive styles (*Boooooom* *spinny camera move*…Michael Bay), but Edgar Wright manages to make me fully aware of how much thought goes into good direction, while still utterly serving the story.

Scott Pilgrim, in particular, is a film that utterly lives or dies on it’s direction (though the performances are great too). It’s one of my favourite films because of how well that every little detail adds up to build an incredibly well-realised world. You can see, and revel in, just how much thought has gone into absolutely every frame.

It’s insanely stylistic, but all the visual ticks and tricks have purpose, whether it’s to support the plot, to build atmosphere, or to sell a punchline.

This video, by Tony Zhou, breaks down the last point; how Edgar Wright is one of the few directors working on comedy films who understands that funny, clever direction is just as important as a funny script or funny performances:





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Pile on

The use of motorbikes as the main form of transport in Vietnam means that you get some insane balancing acts. Hans Kemp‘s Bikes of Burden series gets all Buckaroo up in here:

Bikes of Burden - Hans Kemp (Hoops) Bikes of Burden - Hans Kemp (Dogs) Bikes of Burden - Hans Kemp (Bottles)Bikes of Burden - Hans Kemp (Mirror)


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Glass Labyrinth is a cool, interactive, sculpture (can something that’s basically a building be a sculpture?) by artist Robert Morris that’s just been unveiled in the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s sculpture park in Kansas City:

Glass Labyrinth - Robert Morris (Empty)Glass Labyrinth - Robert Morris (People)Glass Labyrinth - Robert Morris (Top down)Glass Labyrinth - Robert Morris (Artist)(via)


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Toy Stories by Aled Lewis:

Aled Lewis -Toy Stories (Jurrasic) Aled Lewis -Toy Stories (Fox) Aled Lewis -Toy Stories (Chameleon) Aled Lewis -Toy Stories (Hook)


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Submit to Godzilla


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I’ve posted some beautifully written letters before, about the love of words or the unending thirst for knowledge, but I think I may have found a new favourite, by the godfather of  G-Funk, Dr. Dre.

The letter is written to Dr. Dre’s then-girlfriend-now-wife, as Dre and director Hype Williams were scouting the hippie festival Burning Man as a location for the “California Love” video. It starts amazing and just gets better from there.

I’m signing off all my letters the same way now:

Dr Dre's Letter(via)

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Sea change

Samantha Keely Smith paints roiling, abstract ocean scenes, that look influenced by JMW Turner, but also John Martin (who does a great line in apocalyptic scenes): 

Samantha Keely Smith - Wave 3 Samantha Keely Smith - Wave 2 Samantha Keely Smith - Wave 1

John Martin – The Great Day of His Wrath:

John Martin - Great Day of His Wrath


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