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This video is a great example of modern advertising – create a stunt that highlights your message, then film it. The judges at the Cannes Health Awards thought so too.

It’s a lovely idea, creating a choir made up of people who struggle to breathe.

The only bum note for me is how polished and professional they sound at the end. I just don’t believe that normal people (and especially cystic fibrosis and COPD sufferers) could sound that good with the amount of training they were given. Either they were already professional singers, or the sound was punched up afterwards.

It’s a pity, as it pulled me out of what was otherwise a really cleverly conceived, nicely executed and genuinely moving ad:


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Hop to it

Pharma companies are not generally known for their risk-taking, unconventional approaches. So this general weirdness of this recruitment animation for Merck makes it all the better:


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Victoria University of Wellington graduate Jake Evill has created the Cortex, a 3D-printed exoskeletal cast that’s designed to be ventilated, light, and recyclable, unlike traditional plaster casts.

It’s only at the concept and prototype stage at the moment, but the plan would be to use X-rays and 3D scans of the patient to 3D print a cast that securely supports the point of fracture while allowing the rest of arm breathability.

Presumably, part of development of this cast will involve creating some form of software to identify the optimal shape for each cast, as individual arms and each unique break would need a personalised shape and fit to support them.

As the cost of 3D printing drops, and design software becomes more accessible, this sort of technology will become more and more relevant in medicine. And that’s really exciting:

Jake Evill - Cortex 1 Jake Evill - Cortex 2Jake Evill - Cortex 3Jake Evill - Cortex 4(via and via)

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Tummy bug

At a recent digital healthcare conference, a company called Proteus Digital Health debuted a passcard in pill form.

Once ingested, the pill is powered by the acid in your stomach, where it creates an 18-bit signal in your body, making your entire person an ‘authentication token’, essentially becoming the equivalent of a fob on a keychain. According to Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside (who are working with Proteus to develop it) the Proteus pill has already been approved by the FDA.

I think the technology is really interesting, but using it as an internal ID chip seems either scarily invasive or a bit of a waste of time, seeing how easy it is to carry an actual ID card or fob. And an keycards and cards won’t be, umm, ‘passed’. Though I am looking forward to a fart-activated Oyster card reader.

In reality I presume this is more of a proof-of-concept for the technology, rather than the end goal, but it’s an interesting step…


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These beautifully illustrated pharma ads were created by legendary Spanish graphic designer, Enric Huguet in the 50s and 60s for a calcium supplement. Simple, immediate and arresting, they are emotional without being overwrought:


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