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Pilot and photographer Alex MacLean takes aerial photos that highlight the patterns that we’re too close to the ground to see:


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Plain speaking

It’s hard not to tread on familiar ground with anti-smoking advertising, which is why a lot of it ends up shrill and alarmist. The understated tone of this ad makes it all the more powerful:

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Down to the wire

Two wire frame cars by Benedict Radcliffe – A Subaru Impreza and a Lamborghini Countach:

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A while ago I wrote about the artist Jim Denevan who creates vast drawings based on geometric shapes and progressions in either sand or snow.

Recently, I stumbled across three different artists who work in a similar style – geometric patterns, on a large scale, on impermanent surfaces…

Firstly, Sonja Hinrichsen‘s massive snow drawing was trampled into the snow with the help of 5 volunteers last month at Rabbit Ears Pass in Colorado:

Next, Andreas Amador etches massive sand drawings onto beaches around San Francisco during full moons when the spring tides create the largest potential canvas:

Finally, Simon Beck also tramples out shapes in the snow. However, his designs are far more rigidly geometric than Sonja Hinrichsen’s and are created with snowshoes:

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I’ve featured interesting business cards before (for a vetinary hospital, Durex, and the agency A Hundred Monkeys), but this is probably the most ‘high concept’ … and also the most self-congratulatory.

The viral marketing arm of Italian advertising agency Enfants Terribles  is called Ebolaindustries (*cough* wanky *cough*).  As an act of self-promotion they created microscope slide business cards. Ebolaindustries employees operate under pseudonyms — mr white, mr blue, mrs green, etc (*develops r.s.i. from dismissive wanking gestures*) —  so the only way to read their real names, which are printed in 1.6 point type, is to examine the business card under a microscope.

It’s a pity that everything about this is so smug, because the idea of a microscope slide business card is pretty cool (though very impractical):


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Snarky vandalism by French artist Julien Berthier:


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Thread of an argument

Fluid, interconnected  animation for a fictional educational channel for Hardy Seiler‘s Bachelor project:

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