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The C*unt

Some simple YouTube editing give The Count from Sesame Street a slightly different obsession:


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Wild at heart

Carli Davidson takes high-end animal photos (which sounds like an awesome job, but is probably a relentless test of patience). These shots are from her Fetch and Shake series:

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 For Day to Nightphotographer Stephen Wilkes took hundreds of photographs over the span of a day (some shots taking up to 15 hours), carefully adjusting the shutter to allow for proper exposure as the sun set. To create the images below, Wilkes blends about 50 images into one incredible large-format panoramic:


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Cut the tape

Some cool, graphic work from tape artist Aakash Nihalani as part of Lisa de Kooning Artist In Residence Program in Long Island, NY:

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Drawing dead

52 Aces is a pack of playing cards, each one sporting a design by a different illustrator:


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Breaking bones

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This is rad – squid chromatophore cells getting funky to the sounds of Cypress Hill:

Well, it’s not quite ‘the sounds’ of Cypress Hill…

Nerve signals, whether they lead to squid chromatophore stimulation or muscle contraction, are essentially electric signals. The same electrical impulses created when audio is converted to an electrical signal, like what happens inside a microphone, can actually be applied to tissues.

So the team over at Backyard Brains hooked up squid cells to a special iPod playing Cypress Hill’s Insane in the Brain and the electrical signals it generated created this awesome camouflage display.

And how did they think to connect a squid to Cypress Hill? Because they’d already connected a cockroach leg to the Beastie Boys.

Frankenstein science is down with the 90s rap.

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