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Long bus

Long copy bus ad:

Long copy bus ad



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All thumbs

Great single-cut (sort of) ad for 18 years of Playstation:


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True grit

Sandpaper papercraft by Mandy Smith:

Sandpaper Loo roll - Mandy SmithSandpaper Bikini - Mandy Smith Sandpaper Slide - Mandy Smith(via)

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Eme and eme

Some charming work by Spanish graffiti artist Eme:

Eme - Past (Early)Eme - Past (Finished)Eme - Never Give Up (Close) Eme - Never Give Up (Wide)

(via and via)

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Poorly Drawn Lines - Bear and Penguin(via)

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May  I present the 2013 contenders for Name of the Year. These are all the names of genuine people.

Previous winners include: Dutch pharmacoepidemiologist Taco Monster PhD , convicted bank robber Courvoisier Winetavius Richardson, Vice-President of JP Morgan, Hong Kong Vanilla Dong and my personal favourite, the South African Minister for Human Settlements Tokyo Sexwale.

One head-to-head match-up is decided by the internet each day and you can cast you own votes at the Name of the Year website:

My money is Yolanda Squatpump, though Dr David Dickensheets and Smokey Don Pipes are also close to my heart:

2013 Name of the Year Bracket

(Click the figure for a bigger version. If you were wondering about the weird names of the Regional sections, they come from previous winners, because of course.)

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Liar liar

This is how you do product-benefit advertising:

Burning Boy(via)

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