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Block busting

Swedish artist Michael Johansson‘s real life Tetris:

Tetris - Michael Johansson(via)


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The idea for this Call of Duty ad is fairly simple – The Replacer takes over the boring parts of your life, so you have time to play Call of Duty – but it’s the casting that makes it awesome.

Peter Stormare is one of those actors you recognise from a million things, but can’t quite remember exactly what, and he absolutely nails the delivery of every line:

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Africa Skull - WWF Water Scarcity


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Thread lightly

Jeongmoon Choi’s  UV thread and black light installations:

3D UV Thread Installations - Jeongmoon Choi (Square)3D UV Thread Installations - Jeongmoon Choi (Beams)3D UV Thread Installations - Jeongmoon Choi Pyramid)3D UV Thread Installations - Jeongmoon Choi (Doors)


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Mechanical Shaft

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Mighty morphin’

Jonty Hurwitz is a man of contradictions; as well as being an artist, he’s also a red-in-tooth capitalist who co-founded Wonga, the high-tech, micro-loan company that charges an eye-watering 4,214% APR interest.

Money aside, it’s his sculpture I’m interested in. Jonty specialises in anamorphosis – an artistic style that features distorted projection or perspective that requires the viewer to use special devices or to occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image.

His variation on this theme begins with a scan of the subject, which is carefully distorted with powerful algorithms and sheer processing power, then delicately fabricated.

The technique of using a mirrored cylinder to reveal an undistorted image has a long history in painting, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it in sculpture. And given the complexity required to render the distorted version in 3D space, I’m not surprised…

Anyway, financial parasite or not, the man knows how to make an impressive piece of art:

Jonty Hurwitz - Hand and Brush Jonty Hurwitz - Frog Jonty Hurwitz - Hand on Beach(via)

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Skin tone

Photographer Shinichi Maruyama blended nearly 10,000 individual photographs of a nude dancer in motion to create these lovely, paint-like images:

nude_2 nude_1 nude_6 nude_8


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