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This Harvey Nichols ad cleverly features CCTV footage of shoplifters, charmingly anonymised. The classy version of ‘so cheap, it’s a steal’.

[Thanks to the commenter for pointing out it’s for Harvey Nichols,
not Selfridges, as I originally put. I obviously can’t read]


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I really like this clever mix of digital publishing and advertising:

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I want to get away

A very cool visualisation of all of the air traffic through London airports over 24 hours. It makes you realise how tightly packed the skies are, with the holding patterns from all 5 airports interlocking and overlapping:

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Sweary gifs by Mauro Gatti:



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Indonesian-influenced illustration by Tomer Hanuka:

tumblr_nqxbrnJD711qz6f9yo5_1280 tumblr_nqxbrnJD711qz6f9yo6_1280tumblr_nqxbrnJD711qz6f9yo3_1280tumblr_nqxbrnJD711qz6f9yo4_1280tumblr_nqxbrnJD711qz6f9yo7_1280(via)

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www xxx

Because I am a child, I will always be amused by unintentionally crude web addresses, so for your viewing pleasure, here are some magical ones:

sydneytherapist.com – Sydney Therapist
ladrape.co.uk – La Drape
kidsexchange.net – Kids Exchange
oddsextractor.com – Odds Extractor
bitefartcafe.rs – Bitef Art Cafe
whorepresents.com – Who Represents
bendover.com – Ben Dover
expertsexchange.com – Experts Exchange
wintersexpress.com – Winters Express
molestationnursery.com – Mole Station Nursery
penisland.net – Pen Island
speedofart.com – Speed of Art
webone.com.au – Web One
mofo.com – Morrison & Foerster, LLC
powergenitalia.com – Power Gen Italia
dicksonweb.com – Dickson’s Temperature Instruments
butthatsnotall.co.nz – But That’s Not All
gotahoe.com – Go Tahoe


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Car wreckers by Mark Maggiori:

07_mark_maggiori_wreck-it09_mark_maggiori_wreck-it03_mark_maggiori_wreck-it 16_mark_maggiori_wreck-it01_mark_maggiori_wreck-it

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